Best Friends


This site is set up to send email messages to others thanking them for their kind acts, hard work, or any reason they may need recognition.  This is done without letting the person know who is thanking them it gives the opportunity for the appreciation to be more heartfelt.  Their return email address will say youshouldknow@anonymousthanks.org and the name field will appear Anonymous Thanks.

I came upon this concept when my mother told me a story of one of her many kind acts.  This one that reached me, finally reached an age to appreciate the stories, is a simple one of leaving a note for a gardner.  She had told me of this garden she had passed by while visiting a friend.  As she passed by this garden she had noticed how well it was taken care of, she had even seen the lady who had been working on it and knew the labor and dedication it must take.  On her next trip by, the lady was not there working  on the garden.  This was my moms chance to leave a note.  I don’t know what the note said, but mom had implied that it let the gardner know that mom had enjoyed seeing her garden and how much she appreciated her hard work.  She did not sign the note or let it known who had left it in any way.  She simply placed the note under a rock and continued on her journey. She didn't stick around to see if the gardner had gotten the message, she just wanted to give her anonymous thanks.

What is Anonymous Thanks?